Common Questions

  1. What are the fly screens made from?

    All of our screens are made from strong extruded alumimium in various finishes, and have standard industry fibreglass mesh in light grey colour.

  2. Do the screens block the light? Are they visible from inside or outside the house ?

    These are the questions most frequently asked by homeowners. From the outside, no one will notice unless you choose to have a closer weave special mesh. Our industry-standard 18 x 16 grade mesh is almost invisible against the light and from the inside you will barely notice the screens are in place. There is very little loss of light. It is possible to obtain white or other pale coloured mesh but we rarely use it. Curiously the darker the mesh the less you notice it against the light.

  3. Will your screens keep out very tiny flying insects, for example mosquitoes?

    The standard 18 x 16 grade mesh will keep out most types of flying insects including the common housefly, moths, wasps, bees and other much smaller creatures. Most flying insects will not push their way through small holes.

  4. Can screens be easily removed for cleaning or for winter storage?

    Panel screens can be very easily removed and cleaned in a strong detergent solution, rinsed and air dried. The mesh will not shrink or rot and the powder coated aluminium frames are easily wiped over with a clean cloth. Roller type screens are best simply cleaned in position with a vacuum & soft brush attachment.

  5. If the mesh is damaged, can it be easily replaced?

    Yes no problem, but you will find the standard mesh is very strong in normal everyday use and with reasonable care it will last for many years. If pierced and only slightly damaged, you will discover that due to the woven and welded nature of the mesh, it does not easily run or split further. However, if badly damaged it is quite easy to replace and fit the standard mesh at low cost.

  6. Finally, never asked, but.. a possible question :- “We have found some fly screens which are cheaper, why do some of your screens cost more?”.

    We don’t just sell fly screens, we offer solutions and satisfactions, we use the very best quality materials, pay great attention to detail and give an excellent service. See some of our many testimonials 

    If you see an advertisement with a nice glossy picture and a price of say 19.99€, or even 39.99€ Ask yourself ” what kind of screen will I receive for this amount ? ” The truth is often a sheet of mesh, to try to cut neatly with scissors yourself, a sheet of instructions (often very poor) and some Velcro stickers !

  7. Is it possible to have fly screens on sliding doors?

    Yes we can build sliding door fly screens to suit the size of your door widths no problem.